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We, as corporate lawyers, ensure the legal aspects of business practices and transactions. Our lawyers work for all sizes of corporations; large listed companies, small and medium size (SME) enterprises; foreign and local. We understand laws and regulations related to business corporations so as to help clients and companies to work within legal boundaries. To consult, you may call one of the following:

About Yip Tse & Tang,
Solicitors & Notary Public

We have 14 offices distributed in Hong Kong. Our offices working on corporate matters situate at:

How we work and our services

The offices work as a team throughout all legal projects. Senior and junior lawyers team up to work for legal rights and interests of our commercial clients. The commercial law team has excellent experience and practical knowledge in:
  • corporate transactions
  • commercial litigations
  • investigation by ICAC
  • inquiries by Securities and Futures Commission
  • public listing
  • shareholders rights
  • directors duties and liabilities
  • contract advice and drafting
  • intellectual property rights.
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